Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway
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Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway has a full length of 1,318km, open to traffic on June 30, 2011. SIYUAN has undertaken the survey & design works of 643km from Xuzhou to Shanghai. 

Beijing-Shanghai Railway is a high speed railway with the longest one-time construction length and the highest standard across the world, and also a construction project with the biggest one-time investment since founding of the People’s Republic of China.

SIYUAN was responsible for the section Xuzhou~Shanghai, which starts from Suzhou, Bengbu, and Chuzhou in Anhui Province, via Xuzhou, Nanjing, Zhenjing, Changzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, and ends at Shanghai. There’re altogether 21 stations along the entire line of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, 12 of them are located at section Xuzhou-Shanghai including Xuzhou East Station, Suzhou East Station, Bengbu South Station, Dingyuan Station, Chuzhou South Station, Nanjing South Station, Zhenjiang West Station, Changzhou North Station, Wuxi East Station, Suzhou North Station, Kunshan South Station, and Hongqiao Station.

As a participant for the construction of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, centered on the five high-speed railway target of “quality product, technical innovation, environmental friendly, energy saving, and social harmony”, SIYUAN survey & design staff have carried out technical researches and design proposal studies to tackle some key problems, including ensuring the high smoothness of infrastructures by adopting rational alignment and engineering proposals, getting soft foundation settlement under control via measures such as enhancing geological investigation and adopting reasonable pile foundation arrangement, etc., and conquering the difficulties of crossings of high-speed railway with highway and navigable waterway by means of large-span continuous beam and large-span basket handle arch, etc..

In order to make Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway a model for green transportation development, SIYUAN has been attaching equal importance to the environmental protection, water-soil conservation and quality operation after completion: first, avoid or bypass historical site, scenic spots, and environmentally sensitive points during the process of route selection; second, adopt the most feasible and effective technical proposals in terms of type selection of works among bridge, roadbed, and tunnel, so as to avoid environmental damages due to soil-water losses out of high filling and low cutting; there, adopt greening engineering design and drainage system design; four, combine permanent works with temporary works as far as possible by reducing temporary land use and strengthening reclamation design of temporary works; five, adopt vibration and noise reduction measures, such as adoption of over-section continuous welded rail (seamless rail), high standard rail track smoothness, acoustic board, TMD (tuned mass damper), acoustic ceiling, sound barrier, sound insulation window, and so on; six, river bank protection and flood control works designs, such as river bank reinforcement, revetment, and river beach cutting designs for up to a hundred rivers including Huaihong New River, Huaihe River, Wangyuhe River, Runzaobing River, Wusongjing River, etc..

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