Libyan Coastal Railway
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Staff from Libyan Railroads at the Ground-Breaking Ceremony

SIYUAN has undertaken the survey and design works for section Ras Ajdir ~ Sirt of the Libyan Coastal Railway. This section has a total length of 645km: the east line from Sirt to Khoms is about 352km, the mid line from Khoms to Tripoli is about120km, and the west line from Tripoli to Ras Ajir is about 172km. The whole line is of double-track, with under-track works designed as 250km/h in accordance with Euro Code, diesel traction at near stage, target speed of 160km/h, allowing for electrification at further stage. The landform along the line is of coastal plain and hilly area, with moderate surface reliefs, and partially Gobi desert.

The early works of Libyan Coastal Railway was done by GI Company from Germany, and SIYUAN is responsible for the location survey, preliminary design, and working drawing design, etc.. The biggest characteristics of this project lie in the following aspects: applying European specifications, following European design and consulting practice, completing the overall process of survey and design works on site including precision measurement, location survey, preliminary design & working drawing design, review & consultation, construction cooperation, etc..

On August 31, 2008, the first survey & design team of SIYUAN arrived on site.

On November 26, 2008, the Ground- Breaking Ceremony was held for the East line of Libyan Costal Railway Project.

From April 22~ April 30, 2009, SIYUAN Chairman, Jiang Zaiqiu, visited site office in Libya, giving warm greetings to the staff.

On April 17, 2010, the Ground- Breaking Ceremony for the East line of Libyan Costal Railway was held at Zawiya Station, about 40 km away from the capital Tripoli.

In 2011 February, the Libya unrest.From February 24th to March 5th, SIYUAN rail stranded in Libya survey and design staff has divided three batch to smooth return.

Chinese Staff and Project Manager from Libyan Railroads at the Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Engineering Survey

Engineering Survey

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