Wuhan Rail Transit Line 1#
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Wuhan Urban Rail Transit Line 1-Phase II project designed by SIYUAN consists of the west section and the east section, which is the extension at both ends of Phase I project, with a total length of 18.7km. The west section runs from Zongguan to Dongwu Avenue in Dongxihu District, while the east section stretches from Huangpulu to Dijiao. On July 29, 2010, Phase II project was put into trial operation, thus a complete “elevated metro” was open to traffic along the whole line, becoming the first rail transit of Hubei province.

Wuhan is among the first 8 cities approved for Rail Transit Construction Planning. With its construction commencement early in 2000, the Rail Transit Line 1-Phase 1 project has been open to traffic in 2004, making Wuhan the seventh city in China to open rail transit.

Wuhan is among the first 8 cities approved In comparison to Phase-I project, the design of Phase-II project of Line 1 is more humanized, with public toilets, escalators in both upward and downward directions, as well as elevators for the handicapped at all 16 stations along the entire line. Besides, in view of the sensitive target protection objects along the line, effective noise and vibration reduction measures have been taken, including inverted L-type, T-type, upright-type, and large folded plate type noise barriers.

In 2001, the pre-feasibility study on Phase-II project of Line 1 was carried out by SIYUAN. In January, 2007, the preliminary design for the whole line was completed. In April, the feasibility study has been officially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. In December, 15, 2005, the construction of pilot section of Line 1-Phase II commenced.

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