The overseas Chinese association of civil engineering payed a visit to our company
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On September 25th, Dr. Xiao, the President of Civil Engineers association in Overseas Chinese, visited to the Siyuan and made a communication. The association was organized by civil engineering experts in project management and budget management who work in America, they can not only communicate without language difficulties but also know about the related law. 

The delegation introduced the experiences of American engineering project bidding process and cost management, contract management, bridge and building design, the California high-speed railway and so on. And they made a comparative analysis about the engineering design and project management between China and America. Also they spoke highly of the rapid development of China railway and the outstanding achievements. As colleagues, they felt very proud and expressed their enthusiasm to promote the exchange about engineering technology between China and America, to propel China railway to go global.

Wang Yuze, the vice-president of Siyuan, Liu Wenbin, the director of technology department, Pan Guoqiang, Xu Chuan, the deputy engineer, met the visitors and made exchange about technology with them. The experts attended the exchange from international business department, bridge construction department and construction department.

In recent years, as the Siyuan’s becoming more and more famous, it has attracted many peer experts from different countries to communicate and promote the development of our technology.

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