Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu attended the thematic forum & salon regarding Wuhan plans to declare the title of “city of engineering design”
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Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Chairman of the board of SIYUAN attended the thematic forum and salon discussing the subject regarding Wuhan plans to declare the “City of Engineering Design” on December 22, 2015. Mr. Li Suyong, the director of publicity and the member of the standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee of CPC, Mr. Wang Li, the deputy mayor of Wuhan City also attended the activity.


Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu indicated that CRCC has established the“China Railway Bridge research and design institution” on the foundation of Bridge research and design department of SIYUAN. The fact that the only two specialized bridge design institution in China both locate in Wuhan will have a great influence to promote the work of declaring “City of Engineering Design”. It will also help the design enterprise in Wuhan to grow stronger and enhance the creditworthiness of Wuhan design enterprise and help them to “go global”. 


It is said that there are two election project regarding “City of Engineering Design” around the world. They are organized by WDO (World Design Organization) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) respectively. The former one focus on industrial design and is appraised every biennium. Turin, Seoul, Helsinki, Cape Town and Taipei(China) have been selected respectively. The latter has been divided into 7 subjects: design, literature, music, folk art, film, media art and cooking. Each subject will be appraised every year. 16 cities, ie. Berlin, Edinburgh, Lyon, Santa Fe, Seoul, Nagoya, Kobe, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzheng etc. have been selected. Wuhan planed to participate the election hosted by UNESCO.

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