Wuhan-Shiyan High Speed Railway Project, designed by SIYUAN, announced commence
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On December 2, Wuhan-Shiyan High Speed Railway Project team held the Project Commence & Pre-Rally Ceremony at Guanshan River Bridge construction site. SIYUAN has undertaken the survey works for this project. Wuhan-Shiyan High Speed Railway Project is the first extra-large scale railway project led by Hubei Province according to the requirement of National Railway Investment Mechanism Revolution. Total investment amount is 23 billion RMB. 80% and 20% percent of the investment is undertook by Hubei Province and China Railway Corporation respectively. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited has joined the investment as part of social capital. The financing and operation model has presented important demonstration significance to the Chinese railway construction.   

Mr. Li Hongzhong, the secretary of Hubei Province party committee, announced commence of the project. Mr. Lu Chunfang, the vice general manager of China Railway Corporation and Mr. Wang Guosheng, the governor of Hubei Province have delivered the speech respectively. Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, the chairman of the board of SIYUAN has presented at the ceremony.

Wuhan-Shiyan High Speed Railway Project has significant meanings to Hubei Province. According to the introduction of Mr. Liu Changyu, the senior engineer of track alignment & station yard design & research department of SIYUAN, the total length of the project is 399 km. Design Speed is 350km/h. After completion, travelling from Wuhan to Shiyan minimum takes 1hour and 50 minutes. Comparing to the current timetable, the project could save nearly 50% of running time, which will greatly benefits almost 30 million people living at the cities along the railway, ie. Wuhan, Xiaogan, Suizhou, Xiangyang, Shiyan etc.  

Moreover, as part of the Wuhan-Xi’an High Speed Railway, and service the national strategy ie. “Belt and Road Initiative”, “Yangzte River Economic Zone” etc., Wuhan-Shiyan High Speed Railway Project is the fastest and most convenience artery railway connecting West-North China Area to Central China Area and South China Coastal Area. 



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