Wang Yuze—vice president of SIYUAN went to Nigeria on-site office
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From May 24 to June 1, Wang Yuze—vice president of "China Railway SIYUAN Survey And Design Group Co.,LTd" along with Jin Hua Zhao—special assistant of the president of joint-stock company went to Nigeria on-site office.

During Nigeria, delegation visited the Lekki Free Trade Zone, light rail project in
Lagos, Bada Gerui highway project, Abuja airport building, Abuja to Dadu, the railway project site; listened to the report of  Nigeria southwest manager  of  construction company; inaugurated the Nigerian China Railway Siyuan Survey And Design Group Co.LTd branch;listened to the 18th Bureau Nigeria company field work report;made a special trip to visit the Gu Xiaojie, Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, commercial counselor of the Zhou Qingshan and Chinese Embassy in Lagos consul general liukan; attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Nigerian President Al Bukhari.

On the morning of 27th, Wang Yuze visited staff of projects in Nigeria Ministry of resident site. He gave the full affirmation to the project department work, expressed thanks to the project department staff for their effort and contribution to the overseas development of SIYUAN. He was particularly concerned about the staff who live life, asked in detail about their daily life, carefully inspected the canteen and dormitory of project Department. In particular, he pointed out that the project department should pay attention to employee’s health and safety. The project department should make sure to let employees feel at ease and work in safety.

On the morning of 30th, the delegation in Abuja in Africa Nigeria Construction Co. Ltd. held on-site office meeting. In the meeting, Wang Yuze on behalf of FSDI gave a speech about "play technology, service marketing, to make a positive contribution for overseas development strategy for the shares of the company". He said: China Railway SIYUAN Survey And Design Group Co.LTd has always attached great importance to the work of the Nigeria market project, will be based on the establishment of the Nigeria branch, continue to increase investment, organizing, planning ahead, make full use of technical advantages, for construction management work between China and Africa to give advice and suggestions. 

Zhao Jinhua in his concluding remarks, pointed out that the units should cultivate the Nigeria market, ensure the stability of the scale of the project. We should rely on the market in Nigeria, as soon as possible to expand the market of surrounding countries.We should pay special attention to prevent the overseas project risk and pay attention to the quality of the project and maintain a good corporate reputation. Design Institute should change the concept, design ideas, design concepts and international standards. We should enhance the training of overseas talents, as soon as possible to solve the lack of human resources restrict overseas development question Questions.

On the afternoon of 30th, Han Changfu, the special envoy of President Xi Jinping attending the newly elected president inauguration ceremony of Nigeria, Agriculture Minister, accompanied by Gu Xiaojie, Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, made a special trip to the site of Abuja to Kaduna railway project site, listened to the work report. He gave a fully affirmed to the work of China Railway Construction in Nigeria, hoped to make persistent efforts to make a greater contribution for Emergent China.

During the period of Nigeria, Wang Yuze repeatedly stressed the importance of working overseas in TieSiYuan overall development strategy layout. He asked the international business, especially in Nigeria for a long time work at the site staff, to earnestly implement the requirements of the joint-stock company delegation site office, to summarize the spirit of the meeting and to complete each work qualitatively and efficiently.



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