Fuzhou-Xiamen passenger railway line will open sea-crossing age of the world's high-speed railway
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Fuzhou-Xiamen passenger railway line, with nearly 400 kilometers, connects the west coast of the Straits, such as Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and Zhangzhou, successively across Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou Bay, Anhai Bay and Tonghai Bay. The number across the bay and the bridge length across the sea are all break the world records. As the first railway cross-sea bridge at home and abroad, the four extra-large bridges of Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou Bay, Anhai Bay and Tonghai Bay, whose design speed is 350km/h, will open a new era of high speed rail across the sea, and after completed, it will become a landmark project in the bridge field of the world. Jiang Zaiqiu, The chairman of the board and the dean of "China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co.,LTD" said, "Fuzhou passenger railway line, located in Fuzhou FTA ,is a high standard railway, and its impact is worldwide", and he proposed two target indications to the project design work: the first one is to design the Fuzhou-Xiamen passenger railway line to be the magnum opus of Siyuan, and the second one is to make the cross-sea bridges to be a world-class highlight project.

The design of Fuzhou-Xiamen passenger railway line cross-sea bridges face lots of difficulties and challenges, such as lack of design reference, difficult system design, short design period and many technique blank spots. The two main bridges of Quanzhou Bay and Anhai Bay cross-sea bridges, whose main span-hole span are 400m long and 300m long, are across the main channel of the bays. In order to design the two main bridges to be the world-class landmark bridges with goody appearance, reasonable cost and advanced technology in the west coast of the Straits, the design team, led by two supervisors, Xue Zhaojun and Wang Dezhi, made lots of open programme concepts, comparison and selection to the main bridges structure, type arrangement and the Sarasota model, and made some technical demonstration about the main bridges structural calculation and vehicle-bridge dynamic analysis to guarantee the appearance attractive  and the technique feasible. The final recommended plan is that the main bridge uses double tower double cable plane cable-stayed bridge laminated beams, that the main beam adopts composite beam structure with concrete bridge decks and steel box girders, which is streamlined closed box section form, that the Sarasota uses drop gem-shaped concrete pylons, whose shapes are like water droplets, germs, sailing, Feng lin and oyster shell, and that the Overhead adopts the style of holding beads with hands. Elaborate design will submit a world-class bridge works to west coast of the Straits and boost the establishment of world bridge brand of Siyuan.

Quanzhou bay cross-sea bridge

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