SIYUAN: Urban Railway Transportation Capacity Reach National First-Class Standard
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SIYUAN is one of the first national companies that undertake the general contract task of railway transportations. With class A qualifications, the business scope of SIYUAN involves railway, light rail, urban rail transit, metro, and maglev. The comprehensive design strength of the company is among those companies that ranked within the national first-class.

SIYUAN has undertaken the general contract in project designs of more than 60 urban rail transits in over 18 cities involving Wuhan, Suzhou, and Kunming. These projects covers areas of urban rail transit lines and stations, sections, systems, rolling stock depot, design, supervision, consultation, and survey of control centre etc. The distance of the lines totals up to 2000km (including 275km of intra-city route and inter-city route, in the form of metro). At present, 15 lines with aggregated distance approaching 500km has been put in to operation, occupying more than 10% of the current operating transportation line within the nation. SIYUAN is the general contractor of the first medium-low speed maglev – Changsha maglev project, which has formally opened to operation in 2016.

SIYUAN is among the first companies that starts the research on intra-city urban railways. It has designed most of the intra-city railway within the nation. The company has completed the road network planning for cities involving Changzhou and Wuxi, and has been undertaking the intra-city railway projects in Nanjing and Wenzhou. SIYUAN has also established the first design company in Tram transportation, realising the research and production system of modern railway transportation which leads the development in the professional area. 

National Innovation "Elevated Parking + Integrated Development" Model - Qiaokou Road Depot of Wuhan Light Rail Line No.1 

National First Garden-Style Deport - Tianping Depot of Suzhou Line No.1


Zhengzhou Metro Line No.1 is the First Line in the World to Adopt 4G Route Technology, Picture is the Schematic Diagram of Convenient Transfer between Zhengzhou Line No.1 and Zhengzhou Railway Station

Changsha Line No.2 is the First Metro Depot in the Nation that Utilise the Ground Source Heat Pump as the Air Conditioning Hot and Cold Sources. Picture Showing the Entrance of Juzizhou Qinglian Station, A Perfect Integration of Environment and Wind Pavilion.

Wuxi Metro Line No.1 is the World''''s First DC1500V Contact Rail Steel Support Line. Picture Showing the Sanyang Station Hall of Wuxi Metro Line No.1.  

Nanjing Line No.10 is the First Non-Reserve Cutover Metro Line in the Nation. Picture Showing the Super-Large Yangtze River Cross Mud Shield Boring Machine with  Diameter of 11.64m of Nanjing Metro Line No.10.

Kunming Railway Transportation Phase I Project is the First Railway Line in the Nation that Operating in Plateau and High Intensity Seismic Area. Picture Shows the Overlooking of the Yanjiashan Depot of Kunming Metro Phase I Project.

Lukou New Town South Station to Gaochun Section of Nanjing - Gaochun Intercity Railway is the First Inter-City Railway in the Nation with Hourly Speed of 120km/h. Above is the Effect Diagram of Gaochun North Station.

New Public Transportation Pilot Section Project in Foshan Nanhai Adopts Exclusive Road Right for the Entire Line, including Ground, Elevated and Underground Road Sections. Rich Experience has been Accumulated in the Project on Key Issue such as Civil Engineering Electromechanical Connections of Different Laying Method, Building Layout of Short Underground Platforms, Underground Signal Protection and Transformation of Ground Artificial Control System.    

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