The First Medium and Low Speed Maglev Line in China Opens and Takes Trial Run
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Xinhua Net Beijing December 26 (Fan Xi, Liu Xinhong) The reporter learnt from China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) that on December 26, Changsha medium and low speed maglev line, of which the design and construction were generally contracted to China Railway Construction Corporation opened for trial run. This is the first medium and low speed maglev line coming into service in China.

It is reported that Changsha medium and low speed maglev line is the first maglev rail transit line which has been independently designed, constructed, manufactured and managed with full proprietary intellectual property rights.

Compared with the 8.9km line in Japan and the 6.1km line in South Korea, =Changsha medium and low speed maglev line, 18.5km in length and connecting Changsha South Railway Station and Changsha Huanghua International Airport, is the longest medium and low speed maglev line in the world so far, symbolizing that after Germany, Japan and South Korea, China has become the fourth country in the world who has mastered the technology for medium and low speed maglev.

Mr. Yan Juping, Executive Deputy General Manager of general contracting project of Changsha Maglev Engineering of CRCC and President Assistant of SIYUAN, introduced that compared with high speed maglev, Changsha medium and low speed maglev line with the design speed of 100km/h has differences in running speed, levitation guidance mode, motor structure and power supply mode. The maglev train operates in unique XRB mode and makes the rail vehicles levitating over the track through electromagnetic force, and it is the only rail transit mode which has realized contact-free running and no derailment risk.

He indicated that the medium and low speed maglev transportation has the advantages of lower noise, less vibration, faster acceleration and deceleration, strong grade ability, smaller curve radius and environmental protection, therefore it is especially suitable for medium traffic volume level rail transit in the cities. Moreover, its vehicles and construction technology has completely localization with better value for promotion.

Changsha maglev line is the first rail transit project adopting general design and construction contracting mode in China. As the general design and construction contractor of the project, CRCC has adopted the original construction mode as “investment and financing + general design and construction contracting + procurement + manufacture + operation management + subsequent comprehensive development” for the construction of this project and has provided a one-stop solution to medium and low speed rail transit for Hunan Province, including the whole industrial chain services such as design, research and development, construction, product manufacture, operation maintenance and joint commissioning.


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