SIYUAN Supervision Company Passed Grade A Qualification Evaluation of Plant Engineering Consultancy
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Recently, SIYUAN Supervision Company has successfully passed the Grade A Qualification Evaluation of Plant Engineering Consultancy.

In order to sharpen the competitive edge in the marketplace and improve the qualifications, SIYUAN Supervision Company has submitted an application for Grade A Qualification of Plant Engineering Consultancy to Hubei Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision after having obtained the Grade B Qualification of Plant Engineering Consultancy.

Entrusted by Hubei Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, a 7-member panel from China Association of Plant Engineering Consultants (CAPEC) has reviewed the interior materials of the Supervision Company during December 28 to 29, 2015 as per the qualification evaluation procedure. On December 30, the testimony review group composed by Li Shuyun, Mo Ling and Liu Fengkui, the experts from CAPEC conducted the on-site witness evaluation of the supervision work for the Commercial District Station (previous Wangjiadun Station) of Wuhan Metro Line Three, which is under the supervision of SIYUAN Supervision Company, accompanied by the Deputy Chief Engineer of the Supervision Company, Mr. Liu Buyang and Head of the Electromechanical Business Division, Mr. Wu Taiping as well as other field supervision staff.

The panel inspected the operation and operational parameters of the power supply units of the substation in Commercial District Station, consulted the operation records and supervision logs of the power supply units provided by site supervision; afterwards, they went to the station control room in the metro hall and learnt the information about the operation of the integrated monitoring and control system. The on-site equipment operated steadily in a controllable status.

The head of the panel highly affirmed the talent reserve and technical force of SIYUAN Supervision Company in the plant engineering consultancy field, and quite agreed that SIYUAN Supervision Company was well qualified with the achievements to be upgraded from Grade B to Grade A Qualification.


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