Hangzhou Wangjiang Road Underwater Tunnel Commenced for Construction Officially
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On 31 December, 2015, a large-diameter underwater shield tunnel, the third underwater tunnel across the Qiantang River designed by SIYUAN, was commenced for construction officially. Guan Jianguo, the President of SIYUAN-Hangzhou Branch in charge of the Project and Zhang Di, Project Leader, have participated in kick-off meeting.

As per the overall city planning of Hangzhou, Wangjiang Road Underwater Tunnel will be an important measure for solving the “difficulty in river crossing” in Hangzhou recently. After being completed and open to traffic, Wangjiang Road Underwater Tunnel will promote effectively the urban pattern of the “urban area expanding eastwards, tourism moving westwards, development along the river and prosperity at both banks” and realize a historic breakthrough in Hangzhou: making it step from the “West Lake Era” to the “Qiantang River Era”. 

The underwater tunnel is located between the 3rdQiantang River Bridge (Xixing Bridge) and the 4th Qiantang River Bridge (Fuxing Bridge), north from Wangjiang Road, Shangcheng District, across the Qiantang River and south to Jianghui Road, Binjiang District. The tunnel is 3,240m in length, including a closed section of about 2,905m long (including a shield section of 1,830m long). The main line of the tunnel is provided with four lanes in bi-directions, with the design speed of 60km/h; on the single-lane on the ramp + emergency lane, the design speed is 30-40km/h. 

Since the approval of the feasibility study has been obtained in August 2015, SIYUAN, as required by the Owner, spent only 5 months helping the Owner go through the procedures and obtain the approvals of project construction land use, project planning and fire control review and also completing the preliminary design, construction drawing design and project bidding. Therefore, the project can be commenced successfully for construction on 31 December and the goal of Zhejiang Provincial Government and the municipal government, commencement in 2015, has been achieved. The tunnel is planned to be open to traffic by the end of 2019. By then, there will be one more convenient passage from Qianjiang New Town to Binjiang District in 5 minutes fastest. 

The commencement of Hangzhou Wangjiang Road Underwater Tunnel for construction on schedule has further revealed the technological strength of SIYUAN in the design of large-diameter shield underwater tunnels, laid a solid foundation for the SIYUAN brand of underwater tunnel design and added brilliance to SIYUAN''''s present splendor in leading the underwater tunnel design. 

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