SIYUAN Held a Meeting Studying the Progress of BIM Pilot for Wuhan-Xiangyang-Shiyan Rail
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On December 31, 2015, SIYUAN has held a meeting to study the progress of the BIM Pilot for Wuhan-Xiangyang-Shiyan Rail (referred to as WXS BIM Project). Zhu Dan, the General Engineer of the Group Corporation has chaired the meeting.

WXS BIM Project, on the basis of BIM technology, planned to study BIM design pilot for the section DK418+300~DK426+460 of WXS Rail, involving all the rail disciplines. The project, with the main line of 8.1km long, involves 19 rail disciplines of both substructure and superstructure and thus is the rail BIM project of SIYUAN involved in the most disciplines.

In the meeting, Zhu Dan affirmed current study outcomes and the efforts of each discipline paid for the WXS BIM Project and attached importance again to the goal of WXS BIM Project -- to define a technological basis for the subsequent rail BIM design and to make breakthroughs for BIM design of each discipline. Zhu Dan required each discipline to select a best design platform depending on its own demand and comply with the standards of Rail BIM Union in the subsequent BIM design. Zhu Dan also said that, each designer for the project, as the foregoers of rail BIM design, should bear the responsibilities that he should bear; in the course of BIM design, the designers should be open to ideas and complete WXS BIM Project jointly and efficiently with high quality.  

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