Jiang Zaiqiu, the President and Chairman, Attending the Ceremony of Signing the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between China Railway Construction and Yunnan Provincial Government
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On January 13, China Railway Construction (CRCC) and Yunnan Provincial Government have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Kunming, seeking for a closer all-round cooperation during the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Li Jiheng, the Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, Chen Hao, the Governor of Yunnan Province, Meng Fengchao, the President of CRCC, Zhuang Shangbiao, CEO of CRCC and Jiang Zaiqiu, the President of SIYUAN have attended the signing ceremony. 

Before the ceremony, both parties have had a practical and efficient discussion on how CRCC could be integrated into the development of Yunnan during the “13thFive-Year Plan”. 

Li Jiheng has fully affirmed the contributions of CRCC in the economic development of Yunan over time and showed a warm welcome to CRCC, a state-owned enterprise with great strength which was in urgent need, to join in the infrastructure construction of Yunnan during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, so as to deepen the PPP cooperation mode and achieve a win-win situation.

Meng Fengchao said that CRCC would take an active role in the participation with multiple investment modes. He also mentioned the PPP cooperation mode for Kunming Metro Line 5 and introduced Jiang Zaiqiu, the President of SIYUAN, to all.

As per the agreement, both parties will establish an all-round strategic investment partnership in the fields of infrastructure investment construction, productive investment, integrated urban development and construction and equity cooperation during the “13th Five-Year Plan”. 

Jiang Zaiqiu has communicated with the leadership of Yunnan Province, Kunming City and CRCC thoroughly, to determine the pattern for SIYUAN to participate into the multi-area infrastructure construction in Yunnan Province.

After the ceremony, Jiang Zaiqiu convened a meeting to allocate the work. The Administrative Office, Investment Company, Road Department and Southwest Branch have attended the meeting and determined how to proceed the next step. 

The projects of SIYUAN in Yunnan include Kunming Metro Phase I, Metro Line 6, Metro Extension, Jinning Line and East Outer Ring Road. The contract price amounts to over 2 billion. The future work will focus on Kunming Metro Line 5, East-West Express Line and some expressway. Among them, Kunming Metro Line 5 is under the PPP cooperation mode, taken charge by SIYUAN. 











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