Chinese New Year 2016 in SIYUAN
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The Year of Monkey draws near. The “Spring Festival Gala” 2016 of SIYUAN was solemnly held in the Multi-functional Hall of the Scientific Research Center on February 4. The leadership in Wuhan of SIYUAN (Jiang Zaiqiu, Lei Jiamin, Tian Yaocheng, Wang Yuze, Liu Jiamei and Mo Xiaoling), senior experts (Zhang You, Xu Shaoliang, Zeng Haiqi, Lu Hongfei, Yang Rushi, Deng Pengrong, Huang Linxiang, Tian Daixun, Chen Hejun, Wang Jinghui, Gao Zeyuan, Huang Chuan and Sun Wanmei), department heads of SIYUAN and the major party and administrative leadership of each subsidiary of SIYUAN have enjoyed a happy get-together, to embrace the coming Spring Festival.

Jiang Zaiqiu, the President and Chairman of SIYUAN, delivered an impassioned speech on the Spring Festival Gala. On behalf of the Group Corporation, he extended his Spring Festival greetings and best wishes to the retired cadres and comrades, all the employees and their families and also the employees who stayed in their posts and who were working overseas. He said that, the year 2015 was a year of hard work and also a year of great achievements; the Group Corporation has achieved a two-stage increase: the economic size almost 10 billion, realized the goal of “becoming the leader in rail construction in China” and completed the corporate “12thFive-Year Plan” perfectly. He also emphasized that, the year 2016 was the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and also a critical year for becoming a top institute with a century’s history; we should be firmer in determination, make concerted efforts and strive for realizing the strategic goal, becoming a top institute with a century’s history.

Lei Jiamin, the Party Secretary of the Group Corporation chaired the Spring Festival Gala. He said that, the joy of the Goat Year embodied the dedication and hard work of all the employees of SIYUAN and their families, and also the understanding, support and care of the retired cadres and comrades; the challenges of the Monkey Year would test the wisdom and faith of all the employees, who would certainly embrace a great development. He emphasized that, the glory of SIYUAN was the joint efforts of all; we had reason to be excited, to be proud of, but we did not have the reason to be pleased by staying where we were; instead, we should go farther from this right moment. On behalf of the leadership of the Group Corporation, he wished all the senior experts, all the participants, all the employees and all the families a happy new year, good health, every success and happiness. He also wished that SIYUAN would have a greater future. The 19 cultural programs elaborately arranged by the subsidiaries, the Instrumental Music Club and the Dance Club were presented in various forms, song and dance, recitation, modern drama, short play, musical sitcom and folk. There were not only soulful song and enthusiastic recitation, but also humorous short play and hot dance. Each subsidiary has arranged wonderful programs in various styles and rich in content with high quality. The programs not only exhibited the charms and styles of SIYUAN people, but also highlighted the artistic charms in stage design and lighting effect, winning continuous applause and creating climaxes again and again. At the beginning of the Spring Festival Gala, a feature film of the year, SIYUAN Spirit, SIYUAN People, has been played, which showed the spirit of SIYUAN people, “trustworthiness, innovation, dedication and tolerance”. All the people watched the film have been deeply touched.  The Gala was held in Wuchang, the main venue and all the people of SIYUAN could also watch the live show online. Finally, people could also vote the best show online.

Feature Film: SIYUAN Spirit, SIYUAN People

Blueprint Band: Song Mix

Poetry Recitation with Background Music: Ode to a Leader

Dance Club-- The Peach Blossom Land

Consulting Company: Modern Drama -- China Dream of SIYUAN People 

Retiree Management Dept.: Dance -- Chinese Good, Chinese Style

Geology and Subgrade Dept.: Short Play -- Those Happened during Geotechnical Survey  

Southwest Branch: Song Mix -- Run, My Dream!


Logistics Center: Musical Sitcom -- A Big Family of Harmony

Road Dept.: Dance – Xianghe Song

East China Tramcar Company: Suzhou Pingtan -- Nice Scenery in Suzhou  

Engineering Survey Dept.: Dance -- Generation to Generation

Equipment Dept.: Solo -- Father

International Business Dept.: Short Play -- Wonderful life Overseas  

Bridge Dept.: Song and Dance -- A Story of Bridge

Communication and Signaling Dept.: Dance -- The Road of Exploration  

Alignment and Station Dept.: Folk Music -- Home Look - Liuyang River  

Nanning Branch: Dance -- Song of Zhuang

Guangzhou Branch: Song -- Half Moon Serenade

Urban Rail and Underground Engineering Dept.: Dance – Fly 

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