Mr. Lei Jiamin’s Attendance at the Comprehensive Cooperation Symposium between CRCC & Kunming Municipal Government
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On the afternoon of Feb. 19, just one month after the strategic agreement between China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and Yunnan Provincial Government has been signed at the beginning of this year, Mr. Meng Fengchao, Chairman of the Board of CRCC, Mr. Zhuang Shangbiao, President of CRCC and Mr. Lei Jiamin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SIYUAN had a meeting with the Mayor of Kunming, Mr. Wang Xiliang and the Vice Mayor, Mr. Wu Tao. Both parties had pragmatic and in-depth communication on how to effectively integrate the government-enterprise advantages and promote the comprehensive cooperation in such fields as highway and rail transit between Kunming Municipal Government and CRCC, and had reached an agreement. Mr. Wang Xiliang had expressed sincere thanks to CRCC for their contribution to the development and construction of Kunming. He said, relying on the construction of five infrastructure networks that had started in Yunnan Province, a number of significant projects would start speedily within this year in Kunming, and the total investment of comprehensive transportation of the city will reach to 60 billion yuan. Recently, Kunming will also sign strategic agreements with a number of large state-owned enterprises with strong market influence, large investment volume and good demonstration effect, including CRCC.  Mr. Meng Fengchao said that there was profound foundation of cooperation between CRCC and Kunming Municipal Government, and CRCC would fully support and integrate into the development planning of Kunming. CRCC, a team that had inherited the rail corps spirit, will take the opportunity of the construction of southwest headquarter base to be further rooted in Kunming and dedicate to the southwest market.

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