Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Chairman and President of SIYUAN Visited Mr. Liu Yuhua, Chairman of Wuhan Metro Group
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On Feb. 18, Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Chairman and President of SIYUAN visited Mr. Liu Yuhua, Chairman of Wuhan Metro Group. They had in-depth communications on strengthening the cooperation and reached the agreement on development hand-in-hand.

Mr. Liu Yuhua said that as for Wuhan metro overall designed by SIYUAN, the engineering design quality had been increasingly enhanced with good social response. It is hoped that SIYUAN continued to provide strong support for the rail transit construction in Wuhan.
Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu expressed his gratitude for the trust and concern to SIYUAN from Wuhan Metro Group and said that SIYUAN would seize the market development opportunity in Wuhan, strengthen the responsibility awareness, reinforce resource allocation and enhance engineering design quality, as well as implement the concept of “Owners’ success” in the design and make contributions to rail transit construction and urban development in Wuhan.

Mr. Mo Xiaoling, Vice President of SIYUAN, Mr. Zhu Dan, Chief Engineer, Mr. Wang Weichao, Secretary of Board of Directors and General Counsel, Mr. Xiao Jun, President’s Assistant, Mr. Dou Wenxia, Deputy Chief Economist, Mr. Xiong Zhaohui, Deputy Chief Engineer, Mr. Han Xiangyang, Director of Urban Rail and Underground Engineering Design and Research Department, and Mr. Gao Zhening, Deputy Director of Wuhan Branch of SIYUAN attended the visit together.


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