Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN: Inheritance of Lei Feng Spirit, Young Volunteers in Action
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At the time of awakening of insects, everything rouses up from sleeping. With the quiet coming of spring and on the 53rd memorial day of “Learning from Comrade Lei Feng”, “Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN” is in action.On Mar. 5, 1963, Mao Zedong wrote an inscription of “Learning from Comrade Lei Feng” and designated Mar. 5 as the memorial day of “Learning from Comrade Lei Feng”. Lei Feng Spirit, as a national spirit, has become an importance driving force for promoting the progress of social civilization.Take delight in volunteering and love life. In early March, Youth League Committee of SIYUAN launched a written proposal for young volunteers service month within SIYUAN, and called on all the young staff to take actions, inherit the spirit of role model Lei Feng and learn from Guo Mingyi, known as “Lei Feng of the Day”, who has cherished his post and devoted wholeheartedly to his work for decades, to pass on positive energy of SIYUAN for the construction of a harmonious and happy society.On the morning of Mar. 5, young volunteers from “Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN” came to Wuhan Sunshine Welfare Home and brought fruit, nourishment and living goods to the elderly people. They have promoted the volunteerism of “Dedication, Friendship, Mutual-aid & Progress” with their practical actions, caring for the vulnerable people and have brought the warmth of spring to the elderly people.Once they came to the welfare home, volunteers from Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN started their actions. They sit around the elderly people, talking about daily life and showing great concern for them like their relatives. They asked about their health and living conditions, listened to them and presented them well prepared fruits. “Come to my house and sit for a while!” The volunteers have been welcomed by the elderly people like their children and when they left, the elderly people waved goodbye to the volunteers with reluctance.“Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN” is an important volunteer service force in SIYUAN. This year, “Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN” will expand the volunteer teams in the communities to carry out volunteer services such as caring for the empty-nesters and left-behind children, tree planting and protecting and environmental cleaning, through humanized and individualized volunteer service activities in the communities, and integrate into the lives of the residents in these communities as well as make contributions of SIYUAN to the construction of a harmonious society. 

“Guo Mingyi Loving Team of SIYUAN” walking into Wuhan Sunshine Welfare Home

Volunteers giving out fruits to the elderly people 


Volunteers giving out fruits to the elderly people

Volunteers caring for the elderly people living alone  

Solving daily difficulties for the elderly people  

Photos of the elderly people and the volunteers  

Volunteers asking about the elderly people’s health 

Photo of the volunteers and Grandpa Li who came to work in SIYUAN more than 50 years ago  

Volunteers talking with Grandma Zhang

Volunteers cleaning the welfare home  

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