The 3rd Session of the 3rd Workers’ Congress & Working Conference of SIYUAN Being Convened
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On Mar. 10, the 3rd Session of the 3rd Workers’ Congress & Working Conference of SIYUAN was convened in Wuhan. Group leaders including Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Mr. Lei Jiamin, Mr. Tian Yaocheng, Mr. Wang Yuze, Mr. Liu Jiamei, Mr. Jing Shan, Mr. Xie Hailin, Mr. Mo Xiaoling, Mr. Jiang Xingkun and Mr. Zhu Dan attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Tian Yaocheng, Deputy Director of SIYUAN.

Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Chairman and President of SIYUAN, made the administrative work report under the title of “Deepening the Reform and Innovation, Furthering Adjustment and Transition, and Laying More Firm Foundation for Creation of Centennial Advanced Institute”. In this report, he reviewed the achievements in 2015 and the “12th Five-Year Plan” from five aspects of economic development, production operation, adjustment and transition, technological innovation and talents training and basic management and comprehensive construction. With the analysis of the situation and tasks that are confronted by the development of the enterprise, the report has proposed the overall development thoughts of the enterprise: to thoroughly implement the overall development strategy of “One Main Subject with Two Branches”, to rapidly develop “excellence creating group” and “pioneering group” with the core support of “benefit making group”, to comprehensively achieve the business structure layout according to the basic thoughts of being well-organized, progressive, synergistic and steady developing, to create engineering companies with the entire industrial chain service capability and overseas engineering experiences, which have outstanding brands and international reputation, with survey and design as their core services. The key work in 2016 has also been deployed in this report: firstly, to focus on the big projects and expand new fields while lay firm foundation for leading development; secondly, to continuously consolidate survey and design business, and rooting the advantages of leading development; thirdly, to have coordinated development of multiple businesses and strengthen the support of leading development; fourthly, to further promote reform and innovation, and stimulate leading development vitality and impetus; fifthly, to further improve technological and talent work, and increase the competitiveness of leading development; sixthly, to comprehensive strengthen the enterprise management and improve the quality benefit of leading development.

Mr. Liu Jiamei, Chairman of the Workers’ Union made the work report of the Workers’ Union under the title of “Bearing Responsibilities and Missions, Striving for Exploration and Innovation, Uniting the Staff to Make New Contributions to Leading Development of the Enterprise”. He reviewed the work accomplished by the Workers’ Union in 2015 from three aspects of promoting enterprise development with innovation and efficiency, creating multiple service systems for the staff and establishing harmonious enterprise relationship. Meanwhile, combining the transition development request of the enterprise, he also deployed the work of the Workers’ Union in 2016: focusing on the leading development objective, to unite the strengthen of all staff; to enhance the subject of serving the staff and deepen the construction of service system; to implement the mainline of protecting rights and interests, and establish harmonious labor relations; to consolidate and improve capability foundation, and 

strengthen self-construction of the Workers’ Union.

Mr. Li Xilong, Vice General Accountant, made a report on the usage of staff welfare expenses and business entertainment expenses in 2015. 

Mr. Lei Jiamin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SIYUAN made an important speech. He reviewed the work that had been accomplished in 2015 from such four aspects of insisting on the focus on the enterprise and implementing the policy of strengthening Party self-discipline; constantly strengthening the implementation of talent strategy and consolidating the capability for further development of the enterprise; creating the atmosphere of promoting ideology and culture, and playing the positive role of directing public opinion; paying attention to the mass organizations of the Party, and using the cohesion of wisdom from the staff to assist in the development of the enterprise. He analyzed the present situation and tasks as well as those which we would face during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and deployed the key work in 2016: continuously insisting on the focus on production and operation and taking political advantages of the Party organizations; continuously insisting on the strengthening of the Party construction at primary level and ensuring the steady development of the enterprise; continuously relying on the staff to run the enterprise and sharing together the fruits of reform and development.

In the afternoon, “Report of Handling and Implementation of the Proposals in the 3rd Session of the 2nd Workers’ Congress” and “Report of Implementation of ‘Collective Contracts 2014-2015’” were discussed and deliberated in groups.  Democratic appraisals for the leading members and groups of SIYUAN were conducted. Worker representative members of Enterprise Annuity Management Commission were elected and “Collective Contracts 2016-2017” were discussed, deliberated and put to vote.


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