2016 Working Conference on Safe Production Being Convened by SIYUAN
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On Mar. 11, 2016 Working Conference on safe production was convened in Wuhan by SIYUAN. Leaders of SIYUAN, including Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Mr. Lei Jiamin, Mr. Wang Yuze, Mr. Jing Shan, Mr. Mo Xiaoling, Mr. Jiang Xingkun and Mr. Zhu Dan attended the meeting. Mr. Lei Jiamin, Secretary of the Party Committee, chaired the meeting.  Mr. Wang Yuze, Deputy Director of SIYUAN announced the Notification of Honoring the Award of Safe Production Contracted Responsibility in 2015.

Mr. Jing Shan, Deputy Director of SIYUAN made a speech under the title of Recognizing New Normal State, Adapting to New Situation and Making New Contribution to the Realization of Intrinsic Safe Enterprise. He reviewed safe production work in 2015 from eight aspects and analyzed the situation and problems confronted by current safe production, as well as proposed the object and main measures of safe production work in 2016.

Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Chairman and President of SIYUAN made an important speech. Firstly, to make clear the equal stress on safety responsibility and enforcement of disciplines, to strengthen the awareness of safety responsibility, establish an explicit responsibility system and strict adhere to the accountability system; secondly, to strengthen the equal stress on the implementation of safety and strict safety supervision and management, and improve basic and field management, establish a continuous safety investment mechanism and strictly enhance supervision management; thirdly, to lay equal stress on mechanism and systematic innovation and revitalization of the enterprise through science and technology, and to promote mechanism and systematic innovation, to increase safety management efficiency and implement the strategy of “revitalization of the enterprise through science and technology”; fourthly, to lay equal stress on the improvement of working style and strengthening of team building, to stabilize safety supervision and management teams, improve professional competence and actively improve the working style. Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu pointed out that with the progress of strategic transition and multiple development of SIYUAN, and continuous expansion of the fields, areas and industries involved, the risks of safe production had increased with serious situation. In 2016, the production operation task of SIYUAN is very heavy with higher requirement for safe production. All of us should fully recognize the vital importance, long duration, complexity and urgency of safe production, and constantly enhance the awareness of responsibility. We should practically reinforce safe production with highly responsible spirit and have in place the ideological understanding, the safety measures, the implementation of responsibilities and safety supervision and management, so as to prevent accidents to the maximum limit.

Mr. Lei Jiamin pointed out that safe production not only related to the economic benefit and reputation of the enterprise, but also involved individual and family happiness. All of us should deeply understand the spirit of the speech delivered by the Chairman, and implement the requirements of safe production with four equal stresses. We should be ruthless people rather than guilty ones, and we should sweat rather than weeping. All of us should practically do well in safe production. 

Safe production management experience from basic departments was also communicated at the meeting. Representatives from Engineering Survey Research Department, Project Department of Overall Contract of relevant engineering in West Station of Foshan and Rock & Soil Engineering Co., Ltd. delivered speeches at the meeting.


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