Investigating Group of Party Construction in State-owned Enterprises of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC & SASAC Coming to SIYUAN for Investigation & Survey
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On Mar. 17, Mr. Yao Huan, Deputy Director of Party Construction Bureau of SASAC of the State Council, as the group leader and Mr. Xie Yufeng, Sub-inspector of the 2ndOrganization Bureau of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, as a group member, led the Investigating Group of Party Construction in State-owned Enterprises of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC & SASAC, to SIYUAN for a special investigation and survey about Party construction. The Leaders of SIYUAN, Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, Mr. Lei Jiamin, the Secretary of the Board of Directors, persons in charge from the office of the Party Committee, Organization Department, Cadre Department, Propaganda Department, as well as the persons in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and some secretaries of the Party Committees and the Party Branches at secondary subsidiaries attended the investigation symposium.

Secretary of the Party Committee of SIYUAN, Mr. Lei Jiamin, made a comprehensive report on Party construction and introduced the overall situation of Party construction in SIYUAN, as well as the working plan and suggestions for the next step.

President of SIYUAN, Mr. Jiang Zaiqiu, introduced the achievement of transit development of SIYUAN, as well as the problems confronted by the enterprise development in current economic situation and the thoughts for future development direction for the enterprise.

Mr. Yao Huan fully affirmed the achievement of Party construction and the effect of transit development of SIYUAN, and he commended that SIYUAN had gained “Three Harvests” in production operation, Party construction and talent construction. Meanwhile, he hoped that SIYUAN seize the historical opportunity and make scientific and steady development. He said that firstly, there should be crisis awareness. There were peaks and valleys during the development of the enterprise. There should be a sense of crisis in good development and have continuous reform and innovation rather than blind expansion of personnel and scale, so as to keep constant development of the enterprise. Secondly, pay attention to mechanism construction. As a knowledge and intelligence intensive science-and-technology enterprise, we should think about and establish the mechanism to retain and encourage talents. Thirdly, handle the opportunities and challenges properly. We should seize the opportunities brought about by the construction of urban pipe network, sponge city and smart city, while pay attention to the risk prevention and control during the innovation of commercial mode, and introduce timely the professional talents for financial planning and risk management. Fourthly, explore new pattern for the Party construction. The Party construction has brought about vigor and impetus to the development and growth of SIYUAN. We hoped that SIYUAN would take the lead in the exploration of the Party construction work pattern in science-and-technology enterprise, and further play the leading role of the Party construction. Fifthly, care for the cadres. Do well in the management of Party member cadres and construction of the Party style and anti-corruption, and make great efforts to achieve “Double Excellence” goal of excellent quality and excellent Party member cadres, so as to promote steady development of the enterprise.

Before the investigation symposium, Mr. Yao Huan and his group visited the Hall of Fame of SIYUAN and the construction site of Xujiapeng Station of Wuhan Metro Line 8 designed by SIYUAN.

Employee Supervisor and Director of Organization Department of the Party Committee of CRCC, Mr. Zhang Liangcai participated the investigation.



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