“Geotechnical Survey of the Mountain Tunnel Groups of Xiangtang-Putian Rail” Awarded the 1st Prize of National Excellent Engineering Survey
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3D scenario of the mountain tunnel groups of Xiangtang-Putian Rail

Recently, the results of 2015 National Excellent Award of Engineering Survey & Design Industry have been announced. The “Geotechnical Survey of the Mountain Tunnel Groups of Xiangtang-Putian Rail” submitted by SIYUAN has been awarded the 1stprize of National Excellent Engineering Survey, ranking the first. This is the first time for SIYUAN to win such award in the engineering survey during the past ten years.

Xiangtang-Putian Rail crosses through the east of Jiangxi Province and the central Fujian Province. It is a typical rail line in southern mountainous areas with a total length of 632.36km and the design speed of 200km/h. The number of tunnels in Fujian Province accounts for 71.4%. The survey and design started from February 2006 to December 2008. The project was commenced in October 2008 and put into operation on Sep. 26, 2013.

The mountain tunnel groups of Xiangtang-Putian rail start from Zhongxian Station in Jianxi Village of Zhongxian Town, Youxi County, Fujian Province, and end at Yongtai Station in Anhou Village of Fuquan Town, Yongtai County. The line crosses the Daiyun Mountain Range in the central of Fujian Province with the section length of 64.8km, and the total investment of about 3.5 billion yuan. The mountain tunnel groups have been cut into 10 tunnels of different lengths based on the natural erosion of the valleys and streams. The total length of the tunnel is 61.2km which is 94.5% of the total length of the line; the longest tunnel is 17.6km, the maximum burial depth is 723m while the minimum burial depth is only 20m. Among these tunnels, Daiyun Mountain Tunnel (15.634km) and Gaogai Mountain Tunnel (17.594km) are the extra-long and high risk tunnels of the line. Moreover, Daiyun Mountain Tunnel is the only high gas risk tunnel of the line. There’s poor geological development along the line with complex tectonic structure. There are rich mineral resources in local areas with many artificial pot holes. It is difficult to make site selection for the tunnels since there is a series of geological problems such as landslide, talus, gob, high ground temperature, rock burst, large deformation of soft rocks, fissure water with high pressure and gas disasters.

During engineering survey and construction, relying on the geotechnical survey of the mountain tunnel groups of Xiangtang-Putian Rail, the Geology & Subgrade Design & Research Department has conducted a series of subject researches and independent innovations, and has gained 4 scientific and technological achievements and 3 patents for invention.

The successful experience and several scientific and technological achievements gained through the geotechnical survey of the mountain tunnel groups of Xiangtang-Putian Rail have been widely applied in succession currently in similar engineering surveys of long and big tunnels of other projects of SIYUAN. 

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