Modern Station Building
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Having been always taking the lead on station building design in China, SIYUAN has completed the design works for up to a hundred railway station buildings in large and medium-sized cities. It’s among the earliest design enterprises to apply and promote modern station building design. SIYUAN started to accumulate experiences from the design of Yangzhou Railway Station and Taizhou Railway Station; during the construction of neo-generation railway station buildings, in view of conceptual innovations of key technologies such as passenger flow line, functional layout, large-space structure, and “canopy site” integration, as well as “four savings and one protection” technologies namely energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection, SIYUAN has studied and explored numerous new technologies and new methodologies, which fully demonstrates the idea of “people-orientation ”, not only realizes the integration of local culture and surrounding architectural style, but also gives full considerations to the convenience of people’s travelling, vigorously boosting the innovative development of the modernization of railway station building design concept.

We have designed a serious of large and medium-sized passenger railway stations such as Nanjing Railway Station, Huai’an Station, Yancheng Station, Nantong Station, Jinggangshan Station, Fuzhou Station, Wuchang Station, and renovated Hankou Station, etc. , most of which have become the landmark of its city. Besides, there’re many new generation or neo-type railway stations, the outstanding representatives of which are Guangzhou Station and Wuhan station of “the four railway passenger transportation centers”, and Shenzhen Futian Station— the largest underground station all over the world, etc.. SIYUAN has won the “100 Classical Construction Projects” Award by virtue of the design of Nanjing Railway Station and the Architecture Innovation Awards by the Architectural Society of China due to the design of Wuchang Railway Station. SIYUAN has undertaken there International Technical Exchanges on Passenger Railway Station in 2005, 2007 and 2009 respectively, promoting the railway station design concept of harmonious humanity and advanced science.

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