Nanjing South Railway Station
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The Nanjing South Railway Station designed by SIYUAN is a large-scale railway hub terminal station connecting 5 high-level railways including Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, Shanghai-Wuhan-Chongqing Intercity Railway, Nanjing-Anqing Intercity Railway, Nanjing-Hangzhou Intercity Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway. The station yard covers 15 platforms and 28 sidings. The station building has a total floor area of 372,000 square meters, divided into four layers: the floor as transfer plaza, the interlayered floor, the floor for platforms, and the floor for elevated waiting zone. It’s a modernized large-scale comprehensive transportation hub, integrating multiple means of transportation. It was put into operation on June, 30, 2011.

The Nanjing South Railway Station, following the principle of “traffic flow prioritized, arrival-departure separated, and south-north through” for its functional layout, creatively adopts the three-dimensional streamline model combining “up-in & down-out” and “down-in & up-out”, fully embodying the design thought of “public transport priority” And “passenger-train separation”. The fa?ade of the station, themed by “modern station for ancient city”, has a unique architectural style with neo-ancient flavor, matching the historical culture of this ancient city.

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