Wuhan Station
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The Wuhan Station designed by SIYUAN is a terminal station of Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, and also one of the major passenger stations of Wuhan railway hub. The station yard covers 20 platforms and 20 sidings. The station has a total floor area of 366,000 square meters, divided into four stories: the elevated floor, the platform floor, the ground floor, and the underground floor. It’s a modernized large-scale comprehensive transportation hub, integrating multiple means of transportation. The station, put into operation on December 26, 2009, is a representative of the third-generation railway passenger stations in China.

The station adopts elevated waiting area, with neo-type “green channel” as the passenger entrance mode. With the design concept of “visual guide”, after entering the central hall, the passengers can look down from the height and have a clear picture of the entire station layout. For this station, the 116m-long ultra-large span structure and bridge-station combined structure are adopted for the first time by SIYUAN. In view of the overall economic efficiency, the designers have attached great importance to land use saving, energy saving & environmental protection, as well as the construction techniques and materials suitable for the local climates. 

The architectural style of Wuhan Station embodies the sense of modernization and regional culture, with implied connotations of “The Return of Millennium Cranes”, “The Thoroughfare of Nine Provinces”, and “The Rise of Central China”. The Return of Millennium Cranes indicates the earthshaking changes of Wuhan in the new era; the protruding roof of the hall at the center of the building represents the trend of the flourishing economic development of Wuhan; The roof of nine-tiered eaves in concentric arrangement symbolizes the important geological position of Wuhan as “the thoroughfare of nine provinces”.

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